ORed Ginseng

It creates healthy hair.
1. Zinc Pyrithione
- It was developed as anti-bacterial and antifungal substance in the 1930s.
- It soothes excessive secretion of sebum. It is used to treat seborrheic dermatitis
- It softens the hair and skin, creating a radiant look.
- It is effective in eliminating oil. It is used for making products for oily scalp.
- It is used to treat seborrheic dermatitis, red spots, and itchiness.
- It reduces cell division, reduces skin cells from detaching and suppresses the growth of bacteria and fungus.
- There are almost none side effects known
2. dexpanthenol
- It provides energy, oil, and moisture to the skin, helping skin regeneration
- It has conditioning effect which maintains the balance of the skin and hair.
- It is a moisturizing agent with penetrability. It has an excellent moisturizing effect and is used in many products.
- It promotes cell division and helps restore skin tissue.
- No irritation or heat caused. It is also used as an emulsion.
3. salicylic acid
- It removes dead cells on the skin surface. It reduces dead skin cells which are the causes of inflammation
- It could penetrate into sebum and pores. It cleanses pores and prevents sebum from accumulating in pores.
Generic Benefits
Shrubby sophora
Blood Flow Increase
False daisy
Decrease Scalp Fever
Prevent Hair Loss
Relieve Stress
Chinese matrimony vine
Boost Stamina
wilfordi root
Boost Stamina
Peony root
Control Sebum
Sweet flag
Freshen up the Head
Biotae Cacumen
Clean the blood
Nourish Blood
Rehmannia glutinosa
Boost Stamina
dried orange peel
Relieve Skin Troubles
Prevent Stomach Disruptions
lonicer aflower
Protect the Stomach
Boost Blood Flow
perilla frutescens
Relieve Fever
longleaf pine
Prevent Hair Loss
Rosemary leaf
Relieve Stress
Tea Tree leaf
Comfrey leaf
Relieve Skin Troubles
Prevent Hair Loss
The order of product usage
wet your hair and scalp with lukewarm water.
massage it into the scalp using fingertips.
Dry it with cold air so your scalp won’t be irritated.
Going to sleep while your hair is not fully dry
is not good for your scalp.
Take the appropriate amount of shampoo.
Due to high natural ingredients, the shampoo may spill easily.
Leave it on for three minutes when bubbles are formed.
Then rinse it thoroughly.
Before & After
Use it after shampoo
Transform your damaged hair into healthy hair with OMask
- OMask protects hair damaged from frequent coloring or perm. It adds shine, helping you have bouncy hair whole day
How to use:
- After washing your hair with OShampoo, dry 70 to 80% of moisture. Then, apply the product on hair and scalp and rinse it after five minutes.
Use OTonic 365 days for a healthy scalp
- It provides nutrients to the scalp and hair roots, making dull hair into radiant hair and strengthening hair roots
How to use
- After washing the hair with OShampoo, spray it on hair and scalp. Then, gently tap your scalp with fingertips.
Experience OSteamhairMask which transforms damaged hair into healthy hair
- Essence penetrates deep into the skin, maintaining the treatment effect. It is an intensive care hair mask that helps maintain lively hair with any styling.
How to use
- Briefly dry the wet hair. Apply STEP 1 intensive nourishing cream and wear a hair cap with STEP2 steam essence
Use it with OTherapy essence for lively hair
- It is not sticky. This therapeutic essence maintains calm and radiant hair throughout the day.
How to use
- Apply it on wet or dry hair focusing on the damaged area.